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Wealth Management & Investment Advising

The largest determinant of whether or not you ultimately reach your retirement goals may be the performance of the products that you invest in. Developing a perfect retirement plan and using the right tax deferred retirement instruments are very important aspects of reaching your retirement goals, but ultimately the amount of growth that you realize in your retirement accounts will depend upon the performance of your selected products. We can help you get the investment advice that you need.

Every investor has their own personal circumstances that affect how they want to see their money invested. An investment advisor can’t help you choose the right products until they understand your unique circumstances. It is critical that your investment advisor spends adequate time to develop that understanding!

Burkhart, Peterson & Company has aligned itself with a Primerica agent/advisor so that our clients will have access to qualified professionals that can recommend retirement products that are in line with your particular risk tolerance and investment objectives. Whether you are just getting started in your retirement planning or if you are nearing retirement age, we can get you the investment guidance you need. Please contact our office to discuss your particular circumstances and investment advisory needs.