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Tax Problem Resolution

Tax Resolution Program

At Burkhart, Peterson & Company we offer our clients a comprehensive approach to tax problem resolution. Our team of tax professionals will use their skills, knowledge and years of experience to resolve your IRS and state tax issues. We will represent and defend you before the taxing authorities so you don't have to represent yourself. This can help you avoid becoming a victim of hardships, tax levies or even tax liens! We have helped countless taxpayers over the years to resolve their problems in a variety of different ways. Taxes can expire, be forgiven, settled out, abated or discharged. At Burkhart, Peterson & Company we diligently research your tax accounts, provide you with an understanding of your tax problems, and then help you establish full tax-filing compliance before recommending the tax amnesty program that is right for you and your circumstances.

Our approach to understanding and solving your tax problem is outlined by our Tax Resolution Program.

Resolving Tax Levies
Having an IRS or state garnishment on your paycheck or bank account is a true financial hardship and nightmare. Getting it removed can be difficult if you don?t know where or how to start. Let our experienced representatives help you. (for more information click here)
Resolving Tax Liens
Need help getting an IRS or state garnishment removed from your credit report? (for more information click here)
Late / Old Years Tax Returns
Haven?t filed tax returns in years? Missing one, two or ten returns is a serious issue and we can help get you back into filing compliance. (for more information click here)
Audit Representation & Reconsideration
Are you being audited? We can manage all aspects of the audit for you. (for more information click here)
Offer-In-Compromise Tax Settlements
Do you qualify to settle your taxes for less than you really owe? We can explain the program and see if it will work for you. (for more information click here)
Tax Debt Collections Representation
IRS or state tax debt collectors keeping you up at night? Let us help you understand your options for resolution. (for more information click here
Innocent Spouse Relief, Separation of Liabilities & Equitable Relief
Have a tax liability caused by a current or former spouse? There are programs available to get relief from an unfair tax liability. (for more information click here)
Penalty Abatement
Being charged outrageous penalties? You might qualify for relief of some or all of the penalties. Ask us how. (for more information click here)
Tax Analysis for Bankruptcy Discharge Eligibility
Can you include your tax debt in your bankruptcy filing? We can provide an analysis to show you if, and/or when you would be eligible to have your income taxes included. (for more information click here)
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