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Stephen Nathanson, EA- Nathanson & Nathanson

Effective January 4, 2016, the consulting firm of Stephen Nathanson, EA – Nathanson & Nathanson, Inc., was acquired by Burkhart, Peterson & Company, PLLC. The office location and staff will remain the same. Nathanson & Nathanson, Inc. is one of the most respected small tax and bookkeeping firms in the San Antonio area. As a local firm, they have been doing quality work for over 50 years.  Stephen Nathanson, E.A. and his staff have successfully carried on the tradition of tax and bookkeeping excellence and exemplary customer service first begun in the early 1950s by his father Philip Nathanson, E.A., P.H.D. As our client, we will do our utmost to ensure that we uphold our values of honesty, integrity, responsiveness, and quality which have allowed this firm to thrive over the years.

Tax and Bookkeeping Services: All tax and bookkeeping services for former clients of Nathanson & Nathanson will now be provided by Burkhart, Peterson & Company. Stephen Nathanson, EA, Amy Gutierrez and Mary Hejjaj have also joined Burkhart, Peterson & Company and continue to work on select client cases. For a list of all other services offered by Burkhart, Peterson & Company click here: www.burkhartpeterson.com