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Resolving Tax Liens

Tax liens are a public record instrument used by the taxing authorities to publicly announce a claim against your assets. When filed against you by the IRS or state taxing authorities, tax liens can show up on your credit report, hurt your credit score and damage your borrowing potential. Tax liens can also be an effective means for trapping equity that you may have established in real estate or other assets and/or forcing you to pay over those equities toward satisfaction of the tax debt at the time the asset is sold.

Our office helps taxpayers to pursue resolutions of federal and state tax liens through a variety of different program alternatives available. The most direct way to resolve a tax lien is to fully resolve the underlying tax debt that the lien represents. After full resolution has been brought to a tax debt, any liens filed on a liability owed should qualify for release. Releases can be obtained regardless of whether a liability expired, was relieved or forgiven, was paid through a settlement, was discharged in bankruptcy, was paid off net of penalty abatement, or was actually paid off in full.

In some cases, we can help taxpayers qualify for withdrawal of tax liens even without paying off their underlying tax debts.

If you have real estate/property needs to be sold or refinanced prior to your tax problem being resolved, we can help you request that your tax liens be discharged or subordinated to enable your real estate transactions to get closed.

After a tax lien is released or withdrawn, then credit repair services can be performed on a taxpayer’s behalf. The IRS does not directly report lien releases to the major credit reporting agencies, so it is generally in one's best interest to expedite the process of the lien release being reflected on the credit report(s) by contacting each of the major credit reporting agencies and providing copies of all lien releases immediately after they are obtained.

If you need help securing a release, withdrawal, discharge or subordination of a federal or state tax lien and/or pursuing the related repair of your credit rating, please contact our office for help!

"I had accumulated tax liabilities due to the IRS of approximately $70,000 for which the IRS had filed Federal Tax Liens against me. Burkhart, Peterson & Company represented me before the IRS, resolved the tax liabilities, secured Release of Federal Tax Liens on my behalf, and assisted me in getting those Releases reflected on my credit reports."
Anthony L.
Lake Ozarks, MO