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Resolving Tax Levies

Tax levies can really do a lot of damage to your financial situation. A levy is the IRS or state's way of getting your immediate attention. The IRS and state taxing authorities generally issue levies after they feel like attempted communications with you have failed. Tax levies (also known as garnishments) can be used to seize your bank checking/savings accounts, wages, pension income, or even property such as your home, business, or automobiles.

If we can get to the taxing authorities before a levy gets issued, we can generally stop enforcement action before it occurs. If a levy is already issued, it can make it more difficult and time consuming to get a levy released. Sometimes full tax filing compliance must be achieved and a payment plan proposed before the taxing authorities will release a previously issued levy. Although every case is different, we are generally always able to help our clients get out of this terrible situation and back into filing compliance in relatively short order.

If the IRS is threatening to issue levies against you or has already done so, please contact our office for immediate assistance!

"The IRS was billing me for $189,000 and issued a bank levy against me that froze over $150,000 of my funds. Burkhart, Peterson & Company was quickly able to negotiate a release of the bank levy and was eventually able to fully resolve the entire balance that the IRS had erroneously claimed I owed."
Robert B.
Lubbock, TX