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Payroll & Sales Tax Reporting

An abundance of IRS and state tax laws have made processing payroll a time-consuming nightmare for many small to mid-size business owners. Countless hours are spent performing payroll functions that could otherwise be spent generating sales, prospecting new business opportunities, improving products or services, or servicing existing customers. We offer affordable payroll and sales tax reporting services that can meet your needs and free up your time to run your company. We can develop time clock procedures to help you streamline the accounting of your employee hours, handle the administration of employee payroll records, process the payment of paychecks to your employees, and/or handle all of the payroll tax preparation and filing with the taxing and government oversight authorities. Our handling of your payroll process can be as extensive or limited as you’d like. Whatever your payroll needs may be, we can design a program to meet your needs. Contact our office if you’d like to discuss our payroll tax reporting services.

The nature of your business may subject it to the requirement of collecting and remitting sales taxes from its customers. Businesses operating in more than one state are subjected to complex sales tax laws that often leave owners confused about whether they have an obligation to withhold sales taxes from all of their customers or only those in certain geographic areas. Additionally, it is common for business owners to get confused about what products or services they sell are taxable and which may be exempt from tax withholding. We can assist you in resolving all of your various sales tax concerns and questions. We can help you by determining whether or not each product or service your business provides is taxable, developing the accounting systems needed to properly categorize and track your taxable sales, and meeting your burdens of filing your various state sales tax reports and remitting payment of sales tax withholding.

Contact our office if you’d like to discuss how we can resolve your sales tax reporting needs!

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