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Life Insurance Policies

Most of us have jobs or business activities that we perform to provide for our support. Few among us could afford to meet our financial obligations if we became disabled and were no longer able to work. Could you provide for yourself or your family if you were suddenly and unexpectedly disabled? Disability policies exist to provide coverage against the possibility of a disabling injury.* These policies are designed to help protect those who need help covering day-to-day living expenses if they get sick, get hurt, fall under the care of a physician, or are otherwise unable to work. Policies can be tailored in the amounts of monthly benefits available and in the length of the benefit period. This allows policies to be designed around your specific needs.

Life insurance policies exist to provide coverage in cases where an insured becomes deceased.* If you have family or loved ones that can’t support themselves without your help, then you are probably someone that should have a life insurance policy for their benefit. The idea behind life insurance is to make sure that if something happens to you that your beneficiaries will receive a lump sum payment or structured payout of insurance proceeds sufficient to allow them to avoid financial hardships after you are gone. Term Life Insurance is typically the most economical way to provide death benefit protection than other forms of life insurance. It can cover you for a specified number of years (the term) as long as the premiums are paid and kept current. Whole (or universal) life policies typically add an investment component to the policy and are designed to steadily accumulate cash value while also providing for a death benefit.

At Burkhart, Peterson & Company, our agents work hard to understand your particular needs and to find the best policies available on the market to meet them. In addition to insurance agents, we have Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and other industry professionals on staff. Our diverse professional staff enables us to identify risk and liability exposure, understand values and replacement costs, and identify other financial considerations that are important when considering insurance needs.

Burkhart, Peterson & Company is an independent insurance agency. This means that we have developed relationships with a variety of different insurers instead of obligating ourselves to only sell policies of one insurer. This allows us to shop the policies and rates of several different companies for your benefit. We can provide you with options from several different providers, go over the quotes with you, and help you decide which coverage options best protect you.

We are better prepared than anyone to help you identify your coverage needs and to locate the products that may best provide them! Please contact our office to discuss your insurance needs or to request a free, no-obligation quote.

* Only up to the limits of the insurance coverage purchased. Exclusions may apply.