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Firm Purchase


Selling your accounting or tax practice could be one of the biggest and most important transactions that you will make in your lifetime.  We understand that while financial considerations are important, they are just one of the many issues involved in selling your practice. 

Many professionals turn to a broker for help in locating a suitable buyer, but doing this could be a mistake!  Hiring a broker can be very expensive, as most require a seller to agree to pay a percentage of the overall sales price as a commission and often times add other obstacles to completing a successful transition.  Why not take the time to discuss your exit strategy with us to see if we may be the right buyer for your firm without the unnecessary added cost of a broker?

When working with a seller, we work hard to:

· Give fair compensation for the purchase of the practice;

· Offer the seller(s) full or part-time continued work if desired;

· Provide continued work opportunities to qualified staff; and

· Give seller(s) assurance that clients will be well-serviced in the future.

If you are looking to sell your firm anytime in the next few years, please contact us to discuss how we can help you make a convenient, successful transition of your clients and staff while also get fairly compensated!