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Business Insurance

Businesses today face an increasingly complex range of risks and liability exposure, more so than ever before. It is advisable for business owners to consult with an insurance professional that can help identify the risks inherent in business operations and can recommend policies to effectively protect the assets and business operations before a valid claim occurs.

At Burkhart, Peterson & Company, our agents work hard to understand your particular needs and to find the best policies available on the market to meet them. In addition to insurance agents, we have Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and other industry professionals on staff. Our diverse professional staff enables us to identify risk and liability exposure, understand values and replacement costs, and identify other financial considerations that are important when considering insurance needs.

Burkhart, Peterson & Company is an independent insurance agency. This means that we have developed relationships with a variety of different insurers instead of obligating ourselves to only sell policies of one insurer. This allows us to shop the policies and rates of several different companies for your benefit. We can provide you with options from several different providers, go over the quotes with you, and help you decide which coverage options best protect you.

We are better prepared than anyone to help you identify your coverage needs and to locate the products that may best provide them! Please contact our office to for a consultation or to request a free, no-obligation quote.

* Only up to the limits of the insurance coverage purchased. Exclusions may apply.